Sales only on prescription.

Just the treatment that the Medicinal Hemp industry needed.


A recent circular by the Ministry of AYUSH made it mandatory for market places and other sources to sell medical cannabis only on prescription of a registered doctor. It did create a bit of a flutter among manufacturers, distributors, and sellers. Also among consumers. But many may have missed the great opportunities this one move will have for parties on all sides.


Legality: For once and for all, it will settle the questions on its legality. With doctors prescribing, and sellers fulfilling the prescriptions, medical cannabis will finally find its rightful place. On the shelf with other medicines.

Acceptability: For people, it means that medical cannabis in the right doses, in the right way, and on right advice is a medicine like any other. All the stigmas associated with its use, possession, and demand can be removed. Which will then extend doctors too accepting it as a treatment they can prescribe.

Access: For sellers and manufactures, and distributors, and business owners, the news should be full of optimism, for it opens up all channels of selling. Even advertising would, with time, become the way to show the real benefits of cannabis as a therapeutic alternative. And give access to people to its many uses.


Of course, these are not overnight changes. But I feel the industry should embrace this development, and see it for what it really is. A chance to establish the age-old benefits of the plant as a safer, trusted alternative that needs to come out of the shadows. And give people a chance at discovering the old way to supportive and primary healing.
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Ranjan Jul 22, 2022

Do you help in getting in touch with a doctor?

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